30 June 2011

Should Drink tonic and makes a thick uterus?

Should Drink tonic and makes a thick uterus?
For young mothers who just had her first pregnancy, it is certainly sometimes confusing. The answer is' if required course '. So if the normal conditions of the womb, we need not take the drug.

This tonic contains the hormone progesterone, which serves to strengthen the uterus by way of reinforcing and relax the uterine muscle. The drug is given if the mother experienced bleeding or contractions in the early trimester pregnancy. The drug is expected to prevent the contraction or the bleeding continues.

These uterine tonic to be consumed according to the dose set by the obstetrician, because by doctors must have been tailored to the needs of each person's body. In addition to taking these drugs, should certainly be accompanied by adequate rest to prevent the bleeding continues, do not do strenuous activities before to support the recovery.

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