18 February 2014

7 Contraceptives Safe for family planning

When you are newly married , you probably already planning how many children have children , with a distance of how many years of children with each other . Then once your first child , you may plan to follow the family planning program . In this program there are 7 types of family planning contraceptives are safe as follows : 1 . condom Condoms are one of the intrauterine device made ​​of rubber / latex , tubular . The use of condoms is quite effective for used appropriately and correctly . Condom failure can be minimized by using condoms correctly , ie use the penis when erect and released after ejaculation . Contraception is most easily obtained and no hassle . Failure usually happens when the condom was torn because inadvertently or because of pressure at the time of ejaculation resulting in seepage . Pay careful attention to the quality of the condom before use , to provide maximum protection to the user . Tips before using a condom . Check the expiry date on the condom wrapper . Check the condition also wrap a condom , do not accept or buy a condom wrapper is damaged , or there are air bubbles in it and hollow . Use a new condom each time to touch . 2 . spermicide Contraception is a chemical compound that can be crippling to kill sperm . The form can be foam , jelly , creams , vaginal tablets , tablets , or aerosols . After about 5-10 minutes of sexual intercourse can be done , after the tool is inserted into the vagina when inserting spermicide into the vagina should be using a tool that has been provided in the packaging . Strictly not allowed to use a hand ! . Failure often occurs because the time is not late enough , the amount of spermicide used too little or vaginal already rinsed in less than 6 hours after intercourse . 3 . vaginal Diaphragm Flexible rubber coated ring circle will close when installed in the cervix vagina 6 hours before intercourse . The contraceptive effectiveness may decline when too rapidly released less than 8 hours after intercourse . Diaphragm will be used if intercourse. Once again it can be removed or left in place. Because the material is thicker than condoms , contraception is a very small possibility of leaks . 4 . pill The advantage of this pill is still making regular menstruation , reducing cramps or menstrual pain . Fertility can also recover a manner sufficient to stop the use of these pills . The pill aims to improve effectiveness , reduce side effects , and minimize complaints . There were only contains the hormone progesterone , there is also a combination of the hormones progesterone and estrogen . How to use it , taken daily on a regular basis . There are two ways to drink that system 28 and system 22/21 . For 28 systems , pills taken continuously without ever stopping ( 21 tablets combination pills and 7 placebo tablets ) . While the system is 22/21 , take the pill continuously , then stopped for 7-8 days for the chance to menstruation . So , arrangements were made with the pattern of menstruation ( sequential ) . 5 . injecting This type of contraception has essentially the workings of such pills . Contraceptive injections contain synthetic hormones. The injection is done 2-3 times a month . Injections every 3 months * ( Depo-Provera ) * , every 10 weeks * ( Norigest ) * , and every month * ( Cyclofem ) * . One advantage of the injection is not interfering with the production of breast milk . Use of this hormone can also reduce pain and menstrual blood comes out . 6 . implant Implant / contraceptive implant is by inserting a small tube under the skin on the hands is done by your doctor . Small tube containing the hormones are released in small increments , thus preventing pregnancy . Implant fitted like a fan with six capsules . It contains the active substance or form of the hormone levonorgestrel . his concept of blocking ovulation and inhibit sperm migration . The use of the implant can be replaced every 5 years * ( Norplant ) * and 3 years * ( Implanon ) * . Now some are replaced every year . The use of contraception is lightweight costs . Revocation can be done ahead of time if you really want to get pregnant again . Effectiveness , of the 10,000 pairs , there are 4 women who become pregnant in a year . Side effects such as menstrual disorders , irregular menstruation , menstrual spotting or not at all . Unless it can lead to obesity , breast tension , and feels dry hole intercourse . Another obstacle in the revocation of the implant that is difficult to remove because the installation time may be too deep . This can lead to infection . 7 . IUD ( Spiral ) Intrauterine Device or also called spiral because its shape is like a spiral . This contraceptive technique is to insert an instrument made of copper into the uterus . Contraception is an option because of its convenience . The intrauterine device inserted into the uterus by a doctor with the help of tools . Foreign body in the uterus will cause a reaction that can prevent the breeding of the fertilized egg in the uterus . This tool can survive in the uterus for 2-5 years , depending on the species and can be opened ahead of time if you want to get pregnant again . The advantage , this tool can be used for long term . Even not at all interfere with the production of breast milk , if the mother is breastfeeding . IUS or Intra Uterine System is the latest form of contraception which uses the hormone progesterone instead of metal . How it works closely with the copper IUD , coupled with some plus : 1 . Less pain and less likely to result in bleeding 2 . Menstruation becomes lighter ( less blood volume ) and shorter menstrual period . This is the 7 types of contraceptives are safe and whatever you choose, please first consult with your obstetrician , and talk with your partner in order to create a sense of comfort always

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