07 January 2011

Kegitan Senior di Cengkareng

A program of employee health education in the district of Cengkareng, Friday, January 7, 2011, attended by senior SKJ mayor of West Jakarta and West Jakarta PT.ASKES chief sub-district chiefs, village chiefs and district officers and sub edge of the village accompanied him Cengkareng.
The meeting began with a stroll through the neighborhood with RW 02 Kelurahan Cengkareng West, then proceed to the Senior SKJ.
On this occasion, also held events at once and add trees donated Guava Mango Tree Village for sponsoring dimasing2 in Cengkareng district, this dipersembahan Pohon2 PT askes Rw West Jakarta. There are also a tool for sending Biopori the village.
In sambutanyya Mayor, the message for the people is always to maintain hygiene, environmental health

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