11 April 2011

Family Planning

Family Planning Program is one of the most important decisions a couple must be considered. When you finally decide how many children you have, the next step to decide what kind of birth control you take.

You can depend on the available options of birth control where you select your body will adapt the system. So far, the only option for women who have decided not to give birth is a tubal ligation, in which the fallopian tubes are tied.

For now, describes the new method of family planning Essure procedure is available and is usually covered by insurance. A small soft spring, the micro-inserts are called, are placed in the fallopian tubes.

The power is in the micro-inserts, due to the body's natural reaction to growth. The network will block the sperm reaching the egg. It took about three months after the micro-inserts in the fallopian tubes to grow tissue to be placed.

During this time, the most widely used contraceptive methods. To check whether the system has been introduced X-ray test three months after placement of the micro-operations carried out.

This procedure is considered more progressive than all other contraceptive methods, because no incision is happening, and nothing contained hormones. This can be done in about 15 minutes in the doctor's office with a small amount of anesthetic.

Practice Essure is a permanent method of birth control and most women can return to the normal workload, two days after the procedure.

He introduced worldwide and has been used by thousands of women. Currently, no side effects were reported procedure and most patients are satisfied with it.

For several years running and reported no cases of pregnancy. The effectiveness of contraceptive methods is 99.80 percent on the basis of clinical data for four years.

For women working Essure is ideal if you want a permanent method of contraception, and not spend too much time recovering from the surgery done. Experts have found that this is much safer than tubal ligation.

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