28 October 2011

family planning for all

Family planning:
Family planning is a planning of child birth and the use of bith control techniques for implementation of such plans. Other techniques may include prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections, infertility management, sexuality education.It implies to female-male couple who wish to limit the number of child or controlling the pregnancy time. Family planning encompass sterilization and abortion.Family planning services are defined as comprehensive medical and social activities, educational activities which enable individuals , including minors to determine the spacing of children and the means by which it can be achieved.

Many methods can be adopted to achieve a proper family planning. Sometimes pregnancies are achieved using donated sperm by artificial insemination or less commonly by invitro fertilization, but insemination may also be achieved by a donor having intercourse with a women for sole purpose of conception, called as the natural insemination.These donars are called the surogacy mothers.A range of contraceptive techniques or methodsare having their own advantages and disadvantages.Behavioral methods like intercourse such as withdrawal and calender based methods are of little cost and readily available but are less effective typical method than most of the other methods.

For family planning financial criterion is a must .To have a child the female-male couple should have a proper financial planning,to meet the expenses of child birth and thereafter their growth.A couple should be financially secured so that they can plan to secure their child's future.

Considering the population explosion, scarcity of resources and increasing inflation, the family planning should be shifted to nuclear families with a limited number of children of one or two.Family planning methods might be natural or artificial for limiting the size of a family and gap between children.Family planning help preventing untimely pregnancy and abortions.The biggest advantage that family planning offers is preventing from hassles of pregnancy termination and abortion.Adopting family planning ensures good health of women by preventing unplanned pregnancies and subsequent abortions.Restricting a family size helps the child get better resources .It ensures that the family is brought up in a balanced way.Family planning methods when adopted also ensures more focused upbringing,better education and other amenities.Safer sex is the best method to avoid unplanned pregnancy and prevents from sexually transmitted diseases or infections.Contracepive or protective methods should be adapted by both the male and female partners.The methods that can be adopted by a male might be abstinence, condoms, vasectomy, outercourse etc..The methods that can be adopted by a female is implantation, pills , injections.

The current scenario of family planning methods being adopted are still low.Many of the people are still not aware of the methods of family planning due to lack of proper education. The people living in rural areas are the ones who are not adopting any of the contraceptive methods just because of lack of awareness whereas the people in urban areas are slowly adapting to the methods and making the two words family planning successful.

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